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Miamiville is a small community tucked into a bend along the Little Miami River. Though hundreds of bicyclists travel through it every day on the Little Miami Bike Trail, they never had a reason to stop.

The Miamiville Trailyard was conceived as a backyard for the bike trail and a link to the community. It is comfortable and welcoming, a home for neighbors and travelers alike.

The restaurant has a simple shape, but an entire corner of the building is glass, providing sweeping views of the expansive yard, bike trail, and scenery beyond. Large garage doors allow this corner to open up and flow seamlessly out into the yard, which is peppered with tables, fireplaces, and outdoor games. Inside, simple industrial materials and detailing create a casual environment and allow the peaceful setting to shine. At night, the Trailyard is a glowing beacon along the bike trail, inviting all who pass to stop and relax for a while before continuing their journeys.

Miamiville Trailyard

Our Role:

Conceptual Design, Architectural Design, Interior Design, Construction Administration

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