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This project was the transformation of a traditional, dated law office space into a modern, more collaborative, light-filled environment. The existing floor plan was comprised of offices and conference rooms along the perimeter of the floor plate, and a series of small and underutilized common areas at the interior, cut off from natural light.

Through a careful reshuffling of offices and a reorientation of conference rooms, we were able to allocate more square-footage to communal space. More importantly, we were able to shift some of these spaces to the outside perimeter of the floor plate – significantly brightening the core of the office, and elevating the formerly underutilized functions. This move created a ‘light-tunnel’ that became the new spine of the space. The new communal area features a coffee bar, a soft-seating lounge area, new huddle rooms, and an adjacent break-out room, with a collapsible wall system around it.

Katz Teller

Our Role:

Conceptual Design, Architectural Design, Interior Design, Construction Administration

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