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This home resides within a large and private wooded lot. Its careful siting, along with the home’s shape and skin, create a tension between nature and technology. The result is both dynamic and balanced, as the barriers between inside and outside are blurred. Two volumes make up the home: one contains the master suite and office, the other holds the kitchen and dining with children’s bedrooms and play area above. Drawing these two volumes apart forms an airy and dynamic interstitial space for the living room. Glazing inside of the footprint of the building allows natural light to flood the home and further emphasizes the connection to the outside. A floating ‘bridge’ connects the two volumes with an entry stair and defines the foyer. While the formal front elevation suggests an abrupt delineation of indoors and out, the rear of the home opens more organically to the surrounding site, with terraced outdoor living spaces, including a pool, grill area, and covered outdoor patio. The home is clad in stucco, zinc panels, and cedar wood, creating a warm, modern feel. Inside, one finds a monochromatic palette, and a blend of strong angles and natural materials chosen to accentuate the home’s modern architecture and emphasize the connection to nature. Textured white and black tiles, the sofa sectional with angled chaise, and even the 'chiseled' coffee table reflect the home's angular composition.

Indian Hill Residence

Our Role:

Architectural Design

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