Building Analysis:

  • 20-40 min flight to inspect building conditions
  • Inspection of roof, gutters, chimneys, windows, etc.
  • Deliverable: unedited photos and videos from flight

Site Photography:

  • Site visit and shot plan
  • 2-3 flights to photograph project site
  • Deliverable: 40-100 HD digital images

Site Videography:

  • 2-3 hrs of flight for filming
  • Light post production will be provided
  • Deliverable: 5-10 min HD video file for online upload

*Full Commercial Production:

  • 2-3 days of setup and filming - weather permitting
  • Post production and editing with licensed music if provided
  • Deliverable: composed 10-15 min HD video and raw footage (if requested)

* Exclusively for projects completed by Platte Architecture and Design