Photos by Aaron Hildebrand


  • Renovation

  • Restaurant

Our Role

  • Architectural Design

  • Interior Design

  • Construction Administration

  • Construction

  • Conceptual Design

Project Details

The look for this space was inspired by a pair of early 1990’s high-top sneakers.  One of the Money Chicken founders is low-key obsessed with this iconic footwear and wanted an interior vibe with the same bold offbeat energy. We took that energy and designed an interior that feels like a tripped-out oversized game of Tetris.  Walls form huge boxy geometries over 16’ feet tall.  These boxes appear to be sliding past one another in the void of deep space.  Huge solid white and metallic teal boxes house the restaurant’s kitchen and restrooms.  An enormous translucent iridescent box encompasses the entire dining area and becomes the focal point of the experience. This large iridescent box is a custom installation made of a slender raw steel frame and dichroic color-changing acrylic panels.  These panels cast many-hued reflections across the space, morphing as the light changes throughout the day.  Visitors can dine within and walk around this spectacular volume, delighting in the rainbow mercurial quality of the material. The overall effect is sharp, clean, post-modern, and psychedelic.


Definitely check out their bathrooms!