Shou Sugi Ban: Vol. II by PLATTE

Inspired by our success with the Anchor Bar (previous post) we're now installing some shou sugi ban as an accent piece in our office.  As before, we decided to burn the wood ourselves following the technique the Japanese perfected over 300 years.  Shots of the final install to come..

With just some newspaper and some welding gloves we were able to create some pretty dramatic affects.

**Don't try this at home!

It was actually really intense when it got going.  We particularly like the shot with Scott breathing fire..

Shou Sugi Ban by PLATTE

A fun day at the office playing with fire... we created this charred wood using a japanese technique called "shou sugi ban" for the interior design of the Anchor restaurant, an upscale seafood restaurant in Over the Rhine, Cincinnati.  

We love the chance to experiment with new methods and materials.  We tried several coatings and finishes until we found a treatment which preserves the depth and texture of the charred wood, while preventing wear and tear.  We are pleased to report that this was installed over two years ago and continues to perform beautifully in this busy restaurant space.

Final Product

Final Product

Illuminated Aerated Concrete by PLATTE

We've stumbled upon something! It is playful yet refined.  

projects that give us the chance to experiment and create something unexpected are our favorite.  check out this amazing interior from Jouin Manku.

"A restaurant next to the lounge features alcoves containing benches with undulating three-dimensional back panels carved from aerated concrete to suggest a mountainous scene...Lighting hidden in the curving folds of the surfaces illuminates their topographical shape, based on 'a mineral horizon made of stone and snow which appears to be carved into the rock.'"