Interesting Finds

Urban Spelunking by PLATTE

Just when you think you know whats under your feet, you come across one of these:

Cincinnati has a long history of beer brewing, and one of our latest projects owns a unique piece of that history. The building at 1826 Race street was originally owned by Benjamin Weik, who used the sub-basement to store beer he brewed at his other facilities. Named 'Lafayette Hall', the 4th floor of the building was originally an event center. 

Over the Rhine is full of such sub-basements, used for similar storage and for lagering of beer. More info about OTR's brewing history can be found at the following links:

OTR Brewing District

Lafayette Hall

Illuminated Aerated Concrete by PLATTE

We've stumbled upon something! It is playful yet refined.  

projects that give us the chance to experiment and create something unexpected are our favorite.  check out this amazing interior from Jouin Manku.

"A restaurant next to the lounge features alcoves containing benches with undulating three-dimensional back panels carved from aerated concrete to suggest a mountainous scene...Lighting hidden in the curving folds of the surfaces illuminates their topographical shape, based on 'a mineral horizon made of stone and snow which appears to be carved into the rock.'"