Hey guys! Just a quick note about the workstation furniture situation:

“We are currently under a pretty tight schedule to complete these new workstations. Therefore the approach is to update the current workstation design to accommodate as much of the feedback and requests you provide as we see fit. Due to constraints we are trying to limit the scope of the redesign as much as we can.  Details may change according to feedback, however the design will remain principally similar to the existing workstations. But we’d love know if there are any areas of improvement that we may be able to cover. Thanks all can’t wait to move into the home soon! “

Would you prefer sitting or standing height? *
What is your preference for the fasteners - hidden or exposed? *
Do you like the viroc as a work surface or would you prefer a different material such as laminated wood or Baltic birch ply? *
either natural or dark stained
Do you like the viroc/steel material palette by itself or would you like the addition of other materials in selective details? *
such as natural or dark stained wood trim, table edge banding, stainless fasteners to contrast dark colors etc..