This little flyer is one of the latest members of Platte A + D, and while she may be small, she packs quite a punch. Fully equipped with sensors, HD camera, and with 20 min of flight time, it's appropriate that her spirit animal is a hawk. We have embraced the advancements  of drones and what they are providing, such as new perspectives on architecture, allowing for better exploration, analysis, and documentation and we are excited to share these services to you.

Platte A + D is fully licensed and experienced with using drones in commercial architecture.  


Site Investigation

Project sites will no longer be a hide and seek game. CRASH provides opportunity to inspect most hard to reach spots.


Aerial Photography

Get high quality photography of your site or project and the scenes around it. These views are hard to beat.

Aerial Video

Having an aerial video of a site location is always a great reference and visaulization tool.