Photos by Ross Van Pelt


  • Historic Tax Credit

  • Renovation

  • Restaurant

Our Role

  • Architectural Design

  • Construction Administration

  • Historic-Tax Credit Application

Project Details

Boomtown Biscuits + Whiskey is a transformative space that takes you on a journey to the California gold rush. Built around a foundation of hearty biscuits and strong whiskey, the concept developed into a full-on prospector theme, presenting itself in the branding and interiors. Inspiration was taken from the rustic materials of the traditional pioneer kitchen, with weathered woods, humble furniture with traditional lines, cast iron skillets, and accents of antique blue. Gold makes its appearance in the details: the brass wrapped bar top, lighting fixtures and bar taps, and a gold seam running through cracks in the tile. The mood extends out into the patio space, where wood benches, a central hearth, and towering sycamore trees invite guests to share a tale and be transported from this urban Cincinnati neighborhood to another time and place. Back to Commercial